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Exercise Equipment Basics:
12 October 2012

There are three basic types of exercise equipment we’re going to talk about: Strength-Training Equipment, Cardiovascular Equipment, and Abdominal Machines/Other Equipment – all available through Columbia Fitness!

Strength-Training Equipment covers a broad range of different types of exercise equipment including free weights (dumbbells, kettle bells, and barbells), Resistance bands, weight machines, and Flexion machines such as a Bowflex. A weight machine is used for weight training and uses a combination of simple machines to convey gravitational resistance to the person using the machine.

Cardiovascular Equipment improves cardiovascular health while offering other benefits like toning muscle. Machines like treadmills, exercise bikes, and stair steppers will give you a great lower body workout while ellipticals and rowing machines aim for a more full-body workout.

Abdominal Machines and Other Equipment. There are a number of machines available that target the abdominals, and many of these machines will claim they can rapidly improve abs in a matter of days. We believe success is more readily achieved if abdominal machines are used in addition to a total-body workout routine. There are a number of pieces of equipment that can be used to achieve this goal including Yoga/Pilates kits or even boxing gloves and bags. Medicine balls can be used during sit-ups and other exercises to help strengthen and tone muscle.

For more details or to see what equipment we have available, stop by Columbia Fitness: 433 E. Columbia Drive, Kennewick, WA 99336.

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Strenghten Your Heart!
12 October 2012

Cardio has been what most people have used as their main weight loss exercise strategy for a number of years. This often means walking, running, using the elliptical, or cycling for 45-60 min at a lower intensity. To maximize caloric expenditure and positive effects on the heart the current recommendations from sources such as the Mayo clinic and American College of Sports Medicine are 150 minutes of moderate activity – able to speak 1-2 sentences at a time, can’t sing (increase the intensity and you can decrease the time) to 6-7 hours a week for maximum health benefits. This higher intensity “cardio” work when combined with functional strength training 2 or more times a week burns calories, strengthens muscles and joints, and gets the heart healthier. For more information cardio and what you can do, speak Columbia Fitness staff member.